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Farming Solutions

Sustainability and Climate Change

We are running out of time on climate change. Dealing with the problem requires an ambitious response. Climate action and sustainable development are inseparable.

Farming is a remedy provided by the farmers, with the resources to turn towards climate action and sustainable development in their backyard, empowering them to contribute to a more resilient food system.

Advice and Farm Implement

Farming is all about hard work. That’s why you need the best information and equipment for the job – so you never have to worry about your harvest. All too often, it’s all too easy to drop the ball when it comes to looking after your farm. But with our advice and farm implement, there’s no need for a frantic dash at the last minute.

Our advice and farm implementation include everything needs to make sure that the harvest goes smoothly. Our sceptic nature challenges the relic methods and advice on how to make the most of the working day and which tools are needed for specific tasks, meaning that there’s no worrying about whether you’ve forgotten anything or not.

Reclaiming People’s Power

Farming for food is an age-old practice originating from the fear that starvation would be the result. Today, with the advances in mass agriculture and technology, this should not be the case.

Agribusinesses have us firmly in their grip. A mixture of greed and lack of moral values has led to industrial-scale farming methods that are decimating nature at an alarming rate while at the same time killing off traditional family farms.

Model Farming is reclaiming people’s power by helping traditional families to become self-sufficient through training in organic farming practices and the use of appropriate machinery. It ensures that future generations can experience for themselves what their ancestors knew – that growing your food on your own.

Farm Economy in Crisis

The farm economy is in crisis. Farm income has not kept pace with inflation, and costs are increasing at a rapid rate. When the factor in the expenses related to retirement, it is easy to see why farmers are not retiring as planned.

The cost of doing business is at an all-time high. Implementing new technology has become a necessary evil for decreasing costs and increasing efficiency. What used to take one farmer and two employees can now often be done by only two employees or less, thanks to new technologies available on today’s market.

Model Farming Limited is been developed for small/mid-sized farms looking for ways to decrease operational costs without sacrificing quality or yield.